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Sonia Gomez, Amairany Medina, and Paula Moldenhauer are the kind of employees that co-workers love having in their building.   The trio were named as the latest recipients of the FRED award before the Board of Education last week. 

  • Sonia Gomez, Secretary to Principal, Hodgkins Leadership Academy

Nominated by Douglas Kurzawski-Assistant Principal 

“Sonia has done tremendous work for our Hodgkins community. She works to make our building feel inclusive and welcoming for all of our families. As a bilingual administrative assistant, Sonia has worked with our Spanish-speaking families regularly to guide and support their questions. Sonia worked to provide coats and clothing to our new families who arrived from out of the country. She has continued this effort to provide other options as the weeks and months pass.”

  • Amairany Medina, Secretary to Principal, Tennyson Knolls Prep School

Nominated by Molly Mojden - Principal 

“Amairany is an amazing secretary and always goes beyond for the students, families, and staff of TKP. Her consistent positive attitude and hard work ethic set the warm and welcoming tone in the front office. She handles stressful situations with grace. Students come to her as a trusted adult in our building, and she always welcomes them with a smile. We are so lucky to have Amairany as part of the TKP family, she is truly one of a kind!”

  • Paula Moldenhauer, Classroom Teacher, Colorado Sports Leadership Academy

Nominated by Mary Camarillo -Custodian 

“Paula puts in countless hours of her personal time interpreting and framing district curriculum so that her ESL students will have a better understanding of the subject matter. Paula combines picture presentations along with a simultaneous English and Spanish platform to explain both concrete and abstract information, thus giving her ESL students the best opportunity to absorb and learn the material. She does this because of her true desire that no child should be left behind. In my opinion, Paula is the epitome of a teacher; one who is skilled in adaptable communication, listening, collaboration, empathy, and patience. As a child, I had a couple of wonderful teachers that helped me to frame my world and decide who I wanted to be … I have the utmost respect for Paula Moldenhauer as she helps her students frame their world and decide who they want to be.”

The “Fred Award” was created as a way to honor standout workers in the district. It’s named after a mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor who consistently did more than his job description required.  

If you would like to acknowledge someone who provides excellent customer service, go to  to write your nomination.  Continue to read the Insider for updates on future winners.