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Angel Duran - Level 7 Student at Fairview PK-8
Fairview PK-8 raves about the talents, leadership, and kindness of Angel Duran, recent winner of the Westminster/Broomfield Optimist Club’s Student of the Year award. When meeting Angel, it is no surprise that he is a shining star. He studies hard, plays soccer like a pro, and can’t wait to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps some day. Plus, he has a great sense of humor that he gets from his family.
Principal Lisa Cyr states that Angel is a great example of a model student at Fairview.  "He is just remarkable,” Cyr says. Assistant Principal Lupita Arce goes on to write, “Angel's kindness and positivity have no limits! He greets all students as they enter school in the morning. His excellence has made him a Greeter Leader Trainer. He teaches new Greeter Leaders how to help every student have a great start to the day.” She goes on to say, “When we need a student to support peers with academics, behavior, or mediation, Angel comes to the rescue. He takes care of his Fairview family by sharing inspirational words and showing genuine concern for the well-being of others. You never know what Angel is going through because he is always smiling and spreading joy.”
His teachers feel the same way. Kara Myers thinks that Angel is “kind, smart, cool, and funny, and that’s why I love having him in my class! Life was tough this year for Angel, but he showed us every single day that he is tougher. He shows up to school and shines every single day!” While Joyce Sakaguchi reinforces that “Angel is a bright spot any day of the week. Angel is always ready to learn, eager to participate, and an example student. He is a true leader and friend to all! I am so proud of you, Angel!”
Hannah Schurz puts it simply. “Angel’s commitment to learning and his community have made him a leader in every sense of the word at our school,” she states. “Each day, Angel shows up for himself and his classmates while exemplifying what it means to have a growth mindset in life. Thank you for being you!”
These are such amazing attributes from an incredibly talented young man. We are so proud to highlight you, Angel. Way to go and way to represent Westminster Public Schools!
Favorite Food: Pepperoni and cheese pizza
Favorite Thing to Do:  My favorite thing to do is soccer. I usually play goalkeeper and striker.
Favorite Animal: Panda
Best School Memory: My favorite activity was summer camp during COVID. We potted plants, participated in structured literacy, and made fun videos. Just being there was so much fun.
Plans after Graduation: After I graduate, I want to go into the Marines. My older brother Brandon is an engineer in the Marines stationed in Yuma, Arizona. He graduated from Westy. I would like to do what he has done.
What am I listening to now: I like music. It doesn’t matter.
If I could have a superpower, it would be super speed!
What has Westminster Public Schools meant to you? I love Westminster Public Schools because it has been like being part of a family. It’s a great place where I can build relationships with friends, teachers, and principals.
The teacher or coach who has inspired me the most: Mrs. Schurz and Mrs. Arce. They have helped me the most. Both of them have given me strategies for learning math, and helped explain things along the way so well that it helps me in other classes.