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Jackie Trujillo

Music Teacher at Shaw Heights

Jackie Trujillo is a beloved music teacher who makes great connections with her students while teaching them all about music theory and performance.  Principal John Uridil and Assistant Principal Jill Titcomb both write, “Jackie Trujillo is a vibrant music teacher at Shaw Heights Middle School, who serves as a trusted mentor and positive influence for students. Teaching orchestra and guitar to 6th-8th graders, Jackie's passion for the performing arts ignites students' aspirations, fostering a culture of dreaming big.” 

According to Jessica Sisneros, “With a big heart for all, Jackie strives to provide wholehearted assistance and lend an attentive ear in order to foster positivity among both the student body and school personnel alike. Music is her passion, and she strives to kindle the same love for it in her pupils through innovative teaching methods.”  Way to go, Jackie!  Thank you for your passion for kids and music!

Years in WPS:   7 years.  I started at Tennyson Knolls then moved to Shaw Heights where I now work as a music teacher.

Favorite Food:  Grilled Cheese

Favorite Activity:   Reading thrillers and playing my cello

What I am listening to right now: The new Andre 3000 album

Superpower I wish I had: Super healing powers

If I could make the world a better place in one way: I would want to eliminate food insecurity for all our kids.

What has Westminster Public Schools meant to you?  WPS has given me the opportunity to share with students the amazing benefits of music playing and listening, and spark lifelong learning and appreciation for so many young musicians.

Who inspires me in WPS (staff, parent, or student): I am inspired by so many here in our district. These days, I am inspired by Jenn DeBie, the Art Teacher at TKP. I am constantly impressed with how she creates authentic, meaningful, and engaging art lessons for her students across 9 levels