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Dave Taylor


One of the longest serving and hardest working employees in the district, previous “ESP of the Year” winner Dave Taylor is this issue’s staff spotlight. Alma Diaz writes, “Mr. Dave is someone we can all rely on. His attention to detail is crucial to accurately delivering mail within our district. Mr. Dave plays a vital role in connecting all of us employees by facilitating the delivery of mail.” Pablo Irizarry states, “Dave has always been a ‘go-to’ since I started five years ago in the district. His knowledge and guidance is invaluable and he’s always been there to lend a helping hand. Truly a fundamental part of the warehouse crew!”

Bob Newell raves, “Dave is a valuable piece of the logistics department. His attention to detail, reliability and knowledge of the department is an invaluable asset. Matter of fact, Dave is the one that trained me when I first started back in 2008, and I still carry a lot of what he taught me to this day. The logistics/materials management crew for the district is second to none and couldn’t ask for a better bunch of guys. Dave is a big part of that success.” Director Eric Hodges writes, “We’re very fortunate to have Dave in our department. He has always been a “steady rock” for us, always dependable and meticulous with everything he does. Dave has been involved in several job titles and has excelled in each one, so much that we have Dave do training for new hires. In Dave’s current role as the mail and delivery person, he takes his responsibilities seriously, and keeps everyone on their toes in the schools and departments.”

Congrats on many years of dedicated service, Dave!


Years in WPS: I have been in the district over 31.5 years - 23 of those have been in the warehouse. Before that, I was the custodian at old Westy and Clear Lake.

Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes. 

Favorite Activity: Watching the Avalanche and Rockies. Also, I play golf…poorly!

What I am listening to right now: Country music and classic rock and roll.

Superpower I wish I had: I wish I had the ability to time travel back in time to when I had more energy…like in my 20’s!

If I could make the world a better place in one way: I would have more kindness in the world.

What has Westminster Public Schools meant to you?: WPS has been my home away from home. There are so many great things to mention. It’s hard to pick out one reason. Ultimately, WPS is the whole thing. The family aspect of how we all know each other and work together for the community means a lot to me. I like how everyone knows everyone. That’s what makes WPS unique and special.

Who inspires me in WPS (staff, parent, or student): Everyone inspires me, because we are all at it building this great community together - staff, parents, and students alike.  We are all one big community that is close. That makes it different from other school districts.