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Dear Westminster Community,
Long time readers of my letters to the community know what an important word this is to me.
During my time as superintendent of Westminster Public Schools, I have often reminded myself and those I work with, to try and live life with “an attitude of gratitude.” It makes the difficult times manageable and the good times even sweeter.
This summer I wrap up my career with WPS … exactly 40 years after I decided to enter this rewarding and honorable profession of public education.
I have spent close to 30 years in WPS and it has truly been an honor and a blessing to work side by side with families and staff to help young learners reach their full potential. There is nothing more gratifying than to see a child learn and grow in the classroom and take those skills and sense of worth out into the real world.
As I prepare to hand the reigns over to Deputy Superintendent Jeni Gotto, I am optimistic about the future, for many reasons:
• WPS has a strong Board of Education in place with a commitment to our Competency Based System (CBS).
• WPS is making steady, consistent academic growth. We have been “off the clock” for seven years.
• WPS has a strong bench because of our policy of growing our own teachers and principals, Leadership at all Levels.
• WPS is in a strong financial position because of responsible budgeting and the passage of the 2018 mill levy override.
• WPS has the highest starting teacher salary in the state.
• WPS has a road map for the future because of our Destination 2030 Strategic Plan (link).
• WPS is moving quickly and creatively into the future with Ranum Reimagined.
You may recall that in 2016, we rebranded Adams County School District 50, a district with a long, proud history, into Westminster Public Schools with the tagline, Where Education is Personal. Our tagline was a direct reference to CBS and our personalized education system, but on another level, there is more to that phrase.
We truly are a family where we share in the ups and downs of life.
We have had losses and we have had celebrations.
We have made this journey together, and for that, I am filled with gratitude.
You will still hear from me occasionally as I will continue to support WPS and cheer on the good work.
Kindest regards,
Dr. Pamela Swanson
Superintendent of Schools