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WPS is a Safe Place

students at mesa elementary

Keeping Our Schools Safe

Westminster Public Schools is committed to ensuring safe and nurturing learning environments for students and staff. Learn about all the safety measures in place across the district in the WPS in Action safety brochure to the right.

Our schools are among the safest places for our children. However, we must continue to work tirelessly to keep crime down and to recognize early patterns of behavior — such as truancy, vandalism, and substance abuse — that may result in youth turning to more serious crime.

“See something, say something.”

Prevention and early intervention is key to stopping violence and saving lives, and it is our responsibility to watch out for each other and the safety of our communities. Please visit or call 877-542-7233 to anonymously report any concerns or threats you may see. Our administrators, safety staff and local law enforcement will receive this information and work together with school support staff to provide immediate help for students in crisis.

Extreme forms of violence, such as school shootings, are often sensationalized as a reflection of school safety. However, these events are rare and only one of many areas of concern for students and staff. While we must plan for a catastrophic event, we cannot lose sight of the daily interactions among our students that involve threats and intimidation that strongly affects students’ school experiences.

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation are a growing concern, as are issues students bring to school from home and the community. Schools must design a comprehensive approach to youth violence prevention that addresses the whole child and provides integrated services to develop pro-social behaviors and includes environmental and procedural safeguards that support a safe and healthy school environment.