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Talking to Kids About Drug Prevention

red ribbon week poster, text: your future is key, so stay drug free.

Westminster Public Schools promotes a healthy environment for students by providing education, support and decision-making skills with regard to alcohol, drugs and other controlled substances and their abuse. In order to accomplish this goal, a cooperative effort must be made among the schools, families, community and agencies.


It is a violation and considered behavior that is detrimental to the welfare, safety or morals of other students or school personnel for any student to possess, use, sell, distribute or procure — including paraphernalia — or to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances. The unlawful possession or use of alcohol or controlled substances is wrong and harmful to students. For specific details on the WPS board policy JICH click here, which addresses student drug and alcohol use.

  • Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth Fact Sheet - This resource includes information regarding rates of youth use and addiction, how marijuana compromises learning and education, and other consequences of adolescent marijuana use. 
  • Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth Brochure - Includes information regarding how marijuana affects the growing adolescent brain, behaviors of which marijuana is a risk factor, the rise in THC levels and why it’s addictive, how marijuana undermines student learning, what contributes to marijuana use, how to help prevent drug use and dependence in children (general), and warning signs of a worsening problem. 
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has created a webpage on marijuana geared toward teens but also good for parents. Click here to view the NIDA webpage.
  • The Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team is a local resource that promotes drug-free lifestyles and offers support to students and families. This group also facilities Red Ribbon Week in partnership with our schools each year to promote drug prevention and education. Visit for more information.