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District ID Cards

Student ID cards

  • All eligible students using transportation services are required to have a Westminster Public Schools ID card in their possession once issued.
  • IDs' must be available and ready to use each time a passenger enters and exits the bus.  Each ID card will be scanned at the entry door of the bus.
  • Students are responsible for their IDs'.  Students should keep their ID card in a safe location.
  • Please do not bend, break, cut, chew or punch holes in the ID card.  The card will become deactivated and a new one must be purchased.

Student ID cards Rules

  • The first ID card will be issued at no cost to the student. Once issued, Students must have their ID card all times.
  • Forgotten ID:  For habitual neglect, discipline process will be followed.
  • Defective Cards:  Cards that become defective (show no signs of deliberate damage) will be replaced at no-charge.
  • ID Sharing: Students attempting to share an ID to obtain transportation services may be suspended from the bus.
  • Lost, defaced, damaged or stolen:  These incidents must be reported to the driver and school personnel immediately so the card can be deactivated.  Students must obtain a replacement card from the school office before their next transportation service is needed.
  • Fee: A fee will be charged to the student's Infinite Campus account for each replacement card.  Fees will be determined per school location.
  • Transportation staff will NOT accept any form of payment at any time.