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Student Code of Conduct

Welcome students and families to Westminster Public Schools, Where Education is Personal. Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for all our students in order to maximize individual performance throughout the school year. 

Student Code of Conduct and Notification of Student/Family Rights and Responsibilities (Versión en Español) outlines the expectations and interventions for student behavior at school and school-related activities. In some situations, students can face disciplinary actions for behavior outside the school environment. Included in the Student Conduct Code under Student Due Process you can find the procedural guidelines for students and parents within the disciplinary process.

It is the goal of the District to secure the complete cooperation of the entire community, including law enforcement and public health authorities, in establishing and maintaining good student conduct in the public schools. It is the responsibility of all staff to enforce established rules of conduct so that the school day is free from disruption and that a safe and orderly learning environment that supports student learning is maintained. The conduct and discipline code shall be enforced uniformly, fairly and consistently for all students.

The building principal is the constituted authority for this in a school. Included in the authority of the principal shall be the specific power to suspend students for infraction of the rules of conduct in keeping with the law and Board policies.

School rules shall be developed in consultation with parents, teachers, classified employees administrators, students and community. School rules shall be reviewed annually at the end of each year by staff in concert with the Building Accountability Advisory Committee.

In addition to this Student Conduct Code, each school in WPS has its own handbook of rules that establish individual school expectations. The two documents together establish a district Student Code of Conduct. Students and families are encouraged to use both handbooks as a frame of reference to address any issues and concerns you may have. For questions, please contact your school's administration or the WPS Student Services Team.

WPS Discipline Matrix

WPS Discipline Matrix-SPN

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