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Our Westminster Public School Federal and State Grants team is responsible for planning, writing and monitoring district grants, which provide more than $12 million annually to support student achievement.

Grants are defined as supplemental funds from an external source for a designated purpose. Grants support all areas of K-12 education: academics, enrichment, intervention, student support services, teacher training, and some operational functions. We also provide guidance to other staff and volunteers who write grants. We also:

  • Promote partnerships with other institutions that can provide direct or indirect support to the district
  • Managing the district’s accountability process for grants
  • Ensure compliance with federal laws concerning grants

For financial questions, please contact our team. Teachers, to get started by applying for a grant or visit the Grant Fiscal Management webpage.



Mat Aubuchon

Executive Director – Learning Services  
P: 720-542-5093


Keri Rule

Administrative Assistant
P: 720-542-5093