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Stormwater Pollution

picture of the front of a school with a flag pole and trees outside

Stormwater Pollution Information

Westminster Public Schools (WPS) has a Stormwater Management program to reduce this stormwater runoff pollution. If you have questions concerning our stormwater program or witness illegal dumping of used oil, or other illicit dumping on school grounds, please report it immediately by calling 720-542-5154. Together, we can make a difference!

What is Stormwater Pollution?

Storm drains are typically found in streets and parking lots to collect storm water. Stormwater is surface water that includes water from rain, snow melt and irrigation. The water runs across rooftops, lawns, pavement and other surfaces into storm drains or seeps directly into the ground. Along its journey the water picks up contaminants like litter, oil and antifreeze leaks from cars, pesticides and fertilizers used on lawns, and spilled paints or solvents. Storm water ends up untreated in our streams, rivers and lakes. 

Get Involved

WPSencourages everyone to get involved with the educational opportunities for students and parents as well as litter clean-up activities.

Report an Illicit Discharge

WPS is committed to practicing sound stormwater management practices. If you see someone dumping illegal materials down a storm drain or into a waterway report it immediately by calling 911. To report a suspicious material on the land at any district site that could wash into the storm drain system please report it by calling 303-429-6775.


Darren Trujillo

Safety/Environmental Coordinator
Phone: 720-542-5154
Fax: 303-650-3012