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Our Team

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We have a team of dedicated and qualified Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) professionals, including specialists at each of our schools. Our specialists work directly with our English learners on a daily basis and support other staff members through in-building professional development and collaboration. Please contact your school’s CLDE specialist with any questions you may have regarding the services that your child is receiving.

Contacts & Services






Email | Phone



Heidi Weekley, M.S.

Executive Director of Integrated Services



Education Service Center



Susana Zubia Lopez

Administrative Assistant



Education Service Center



Jennifer McNally




Hidden Lake High School

Room N40
P: 720-542-5355



Genevieve Vargas

Home Language Survey Registrar



Hidden Lake High School

Room N30B 



P: 720-542-5292




Samantha Trevizo

District Translator & Coordinator of Interpreters  



Hidden Lake High School    

Room N30B



P: 720-542-5267