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Our department helps share the story of the district for all students, families, employees and community members.

Communication Dept.

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Financial Services

Our award-winning department is responsible for the financial operations of the district, including budgets, grants and general accounting.

Finance Dept.

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Human Resources

Our department is responsible for staffing, leadership development, benefits and other supports for our employees.

Human Resources Dept.

4 kids at desks with paint brushes writing Chinese letters

Learning Services

Our department assures equity and academic excellence for all learners in an authentic learner-centered Competency Based System.

Learning Services Dept.

Excavator in front of half built brick building


Our department is responsible for overseeing everything from transportation and facility use to building security and student safety.

Operations Dept.

4 teens girls sitting on the floor of a school hallway

Student Services

We work directly with schools, students and families by providing support to students who are at risk of expulsion or chronic absenteeism.

Student Services Dept.

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The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education department helps schools implement English-language development program models with a focus on access, equity and quality.

CLDE Dept.

Orange school bus outside a brick building with kids walking


Our department proudly and safely transports approximately 4,000 students traveling to one of our district schools for the school year. 

Transportation Dept.

Students at a big table with computers

Tech Services

We work directly with schools, students and employees to keep everyone connected and protected.

Tech Services Dept.