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Career & Technical Education

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The Career Technical Education (CTE) program at Westminster High School is among the most robust in the state. From industry certifications to concurrent enrollment opportunities and viable alternatives to traditional four-year college paths, WHS CTE equips students with valuable skills and experiences essential for success in today's dynamic job market.

Hands-on Experience

Our CTE programs provide students with practical, hands-on training in various vocational fields, ranging from healthcare and information technology to construction and aerospace engineering. By obtaining industry-recognized certifications, students demonstrate proficiency in their chosen fields, making them highly desirable candidates for employment.

Internship & Networks

Furthermore, CTE programs often collaborate with local businesses and industries, offering students real-world experiences through internships, job shadowing, and apprenticeships. These partnerships not only expose students to the demands and expectations of the workforce but also provide networking opportunities that can lead to future employment prospects.

Earn College Credit While in High School

The concurrent enrollment option at WHS allows students earn college credits while still in high school. By participating in concurrent enrollment courses, students accelerate their academic and career pathways, reducing the time and cost associated with obtaining post-secondary education. These credits are transferable to many colleges and universities, giving students a head start in their higher education pursuits.

Flexibility to Choose Your Path

WHS CTE programs offer viable alternatives to the traditional four-year college route by emphasizing career readiness and practical skills. Not all students are suited for or interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree immediately after high school. Our CTE programs cater to these students by providing alternative pathways to success, whether through technical certifications, apprenticeships, or immediate entry into the workforce. This flexibility ensures that every student has options that align with their individual interests, goals, and learning styles.

Inclusivity & Support

Additionally, CTE programs promote inclusivity by catering to a wide range of student interests and abilities. By offering diverse pathways in areas such as culinary arts, graphic design, cybersecurity and nursing, CTE programs accommodate students with varying talents and preferences. This inclusivity fosters a supportive learning environment where students can thrive and develop skills that align with their passions and strengths.

Good for the Community

CTE programs contribute to economic growth by addressing workforce demands and filling critical skill gaps. As industries evolve and technology advances, there is an increasing need for skilled workers in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and information technology. CTE programs play a vital role in meeting these demands by equipping students with the technical skills and competencies required for high-demand occupations.

Want to learn more?

Explore all of the 16 Career Technical Pathways offered at Westminster High school, along with news and events, as well as our exciting new project- Ranum reimagined.